Musta & Valkoinen (Finnish for “Black & White”) is a downtown Helsinki rental studio, built and operated by dedicated portraiture photographers. The cyclorama studio is rented including all Broncolor lighting and Avenger/Manfrotto grip. Just bring your camera and laptop, the coffee is on us!

Left: Samuli Karala photographing Aaron Sirainen
Right: Anselme Nsango by Samuli Karala for Known and Published

The L-shaped studio space is 85 square meters (914 sq ft), and features a cyclorama (infinity wall) with rounded roof, corner and floor. The cyclorama measures 4.5×4.5m and the diagonal (shooting against the rounded corner/roof) measures 6m. Max shooting distance from wall to cyclorama is 13m (about 42 ft), though most work is shot at <6m (18 ft).

Left: Laura Ogannesian by Samuli Karala for Known and Published
Right: BTS by Samuli Karala with Pyry Itkonen of Long Story Short. Ceiling height is 3.35m, or infinity to be precise 😀
Cloud back-up your work almost instantly – with a premium internet connection we can easily stream or Capture Pilot sessions to clients anywhere in the World
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Every Broncolor LED, strobe and flash light in our inventory is compatible with any light modifier at your disposal. This gives you the same look in combined video/still shoots.

The 12 room lights in our space are wirelessly adjustable individually or in groups, for the desired power and colour temperature. Lights are on/off wherever you want, adjustable from 2200 to 6500 Kelvin. “Hey Siri, studio lights off” –> Cameras, action!

Every single grip in our inventory is black – no more still photo reflections from chrome grip.
BTS by Vilhelm Sjöström: Samuli Karala photographing Martina Aitolehti
Broncolor LED F160, Move 1200, MobiLED 1600, Siros L800 WiFi, Pulso G 3200, Ringflash 3200, Scoro 3200S, Scoro 1600S, Para 133, Para 88… plus every single Broncolor softbox and reflector that exists.

Click for full studio equipment list: Power packs, lights, light modifiers and grip

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Address and contact information: Studio Musta & Valkoinen, Johanneksentie 8C, FI-00120 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. (studio) +358 400 516 716 or email us

Software licenses prohibit us from renting Apple, CaptureONE or Adobe software – please bring your own laptop and licenses for tethering. The studio is equipped with a 2.4GHz guest WiFi for low priority terminals as well as a maxed out 5GHz network reserved for your tethering laptop. Bring your music and stream it to our Bang & Olufsen multiroom system.

Studio rental price per full day (08-22)
Studio incl. all Broncolor lighting and Avenger/Manfrotto grip: 650€ + VAT 24%

Complete Nikon F system 14-200mm: +150€ + VAT 24%
Assisting photographer & digital operator: +300€ + VAT 24%
PhaseONE IQ4 rental: +550€ + VAT 24%

Late cancellation fee (24h) 50%
No show fee 100%

Payment: Credit card on location (charged including VAT 24%) or invoiced EU intra-sales VAT 0% (payment received before rental day start).